( O6 ) Cailiao

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Xinzhuang Line-Cailiao Station (O6)


The station will be located on Chongxin Road, Section 3, Sanchong City, between its intersections with Wenhua & Chongan Streets.

Station Volume:

Underground two-level station with an island platform, 222.85 m long x 21.15 m wide x 19 m deep.

Project Description:

Cailiao Station is located at a pivotal point on the arterial Chongxin Road in Sanchong City. It serves an important role in the city's urban and suburban development.

Design Concept:

The theme of the station provides a silhouette of a modern city showing its simplicity, neatness and orderliness.

Architectural Style:

The ground facilities are placed in a scattered layout to reduce their volume and density. Glass, enamel and aluminum materials are used abundantly in roofs, ceilings, pillars and walls to show the transparent, penetrating, light, simple and neat qualities of a modern space. In addition, the interior and outer decorations plus abstract pictures also present the image of a modern city.



Provided by: Comprehensive Planning Division,
Civil Engineering and Architectural Design Division

Update: 01/3/2012