( O5 ) Sanchong

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Xinzhuang Line-Sanchong Station (O5)


The station will be located on Fuyin Street, between Alley 3 of Fuyin Street and Pu Street (access road to floodgate) in Sanchong City.

Station Volume:

Underground two-level station with an island platform, 221.4 m long x 21.55 m wide x 19.2 m deep.

Project Description:

Sanchong Station on the Xinzhuang line is located on the border between Sanchong and Xinzhuang cities adjacent to the Erchung flood diversion channel, beside a newly developed residential area. It is a transfer station for Taipei MRT and the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport line. An 8,000 m² plot of land at the station is set aside for joint development. This area has great potential for future development.

Design Concept:

Based on a theme called "Waterfront Green Land," the walls and floors are inlaid with granite or other materials of different colors to form various patterns, such as rushing water, to create a carefree and pleasing atmosphere.

Architectural Style:

Facilities at the ground level are laid out linearly to fit into the long station box. The double arch-shaped glass roof of the entrance shows the luminous, transparent, simple and neat qualities of a modern space.



Provided by: Comprehensive Planning Division,
Civil Engineering and Architectural Design Division

Update: 01/3/2012