( O4 ) Xianse Temple

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O4 Xianse Temple Station-A Perspective Description

This station will be located beneath the intersection of Chunghsin Road and Guangfu Road. It will be a two level underground station, with B1 the concourse level and B2 the platform level. The station's net length will be 180 m, width 16.55 m, and platform length 141 m. The excavated depth is between 18.9 and 21.3 m. It will have three entrances (A, B1, and B2) and two vent shafts (X and Y). Entrance A and an elevator for the disabled located on the north side of the station will be part of a joint-development building. Entrance B1 and vent shaft X will be located on the south side of the station. Vent shaft Y will be on the southeast side.

The design concept expressed in these aboveground structures (entrances and vent shafts) is the "Steel industry on the sandbank." Since the design theme for this station is the steel industry, the entrance is to be constructed of a perforated steel frame with exaggerated hinge connections to emphasize the high-tech image. The steel frame is arranged in an umbrella shape to create a light and varied visual effect, contrasting with the traditional "cold" image of steel. In order to avoid the normal monotony of a roof design, a simulated airplane wing separates the roof into two symmetrical parts, narrowing outwards to reduce the structure's size. The separated roof parts are only connected by one necessary beam to allow natural light in through the empty space. In order to enhance the lighting at night and strengthen the entrance's identity, a large glass curtain wall with its own lighting will create a self-lighting "box" at the entrance, and with spotlights emphasizing the roof. This lighting design will guide passengers in and out of the station as well as enhance the environmental effect.



Provided by: Comprehensive Planning Division,
Civil Engineering and Architectural Design Division

Update: 01/3/2012