( O3 ) Touqianzhuang

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O3 Touqianzhuang Station-A Perspective Description

This station is located beneath the intersection of Zhongzheng Road and Siyuan Road. It will be a three level, underground station with an island platform. B1 will be the concourse level, B2 mezzanine level and B3 the platform level. The station's net length is 170.85 m, width 17.85 m and platform length is 141 m. Excavation depth is around 25 m. There are four entrances A, B, C, and D and two vent shafts X and Y. Entrance A with an elevator for the disabled, and Vent Shaft X are to be located northwest of the station. Entrance D and Vent Shaft Y are located on the northeast side. Entrance B and Entrance C are to be located on the south side of the station.

"Thousands of sails/north Taiwan's Xinzhuang port" describes the design concept adopted on all of the station's aboveground structures (entrances, ventshafts, etc.). The entrances are composed of glass, steel frames, metal, and aluminum plates to give simple/light images and to provide the space with a bright and transparent feel. The materials used also accord with the contemporary technology of a transit system. Vent shaft elevation is divided into several parts to coordinate with the entrance's appearance and human scale. Since the station site used to be an important spot for shipping, water is adopted as the topic of landscape design. It is expressed in the paving with repeated ripples expanding outward. The steel bus stop shelters also have a wave shape to use the same design language as the station.



Provided by: Comprehensive Planning Division,
Civil Engineering and Architectural Design Division

Update: 01/3/2012