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O2 Xingzhuang Station-A Perspective Description

This station will be a two level island-platform type underground station located beneath Zhongzheng Road in front of Xinzhuang Junior High School. B1 is to be the concourse level and B2 the platform level. There is a scissors crossover in the cut-and-cover tunnel to the west of the station. The total length of the station will be 223.8 m, width 16.15 m, the platform length 141 m and the excavated depth 19.2 m. There are two entrances A and B, one emergency exit, and two vent shafts X and Y. Entrance A and Vent Shaft X, located on the north side of the station, are part of a joint-development building. Entrance B with an elevator for the disabled is to be located on the south side. Vent Shaft Y and an emergency exit are located on the south east side. A traction substation is located on the west side of the concourse level, including transfer, a rectifier, a 22 KV switchgear room, a control and relay room, and a battery room.

"Flying silk-weaving future" is the name given to the design concept adopted on all of the aboveground structures--entrances, vent/shafts, etc. Entrance B represents a woven web composed of steel tubes and steel cables reflecting a flying figure. The roof has a variety of curves, and the transparent glass reveals the texture images inside. The back wall, with its rough stone surface, reflects the past history of Xinzhuang County and the sunlight spreading across the skylight expresses an image of future progress and hope. The form of Vent/Shaft Y will coordinate with Entrance B. This vent/shaft, located on the T-intersection of Zhongzheng Road and Daguan Road, will be a vista of townscape.



Provided by: Comprehensive Planning Division,
Civil Engineering and Architectural Design Division

Update: 01/3/2012