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An Introduction to Station B11 on the Wenhu Line

Station B11 is located at the south end of Nangang Economic and Trade Park, on the north side of Nangang Road Section 1. The station abuts commercial land on the north and west sides, and is close to Nangang Elementary School. Two major roads have been developed around the perimeter of the building. In the very near future, the station will connect with Station BL18 of the Nangang eastern extension through at-grade and underground levels. The station provides a transfer facility between rapid transit and public buses to become an important interchange point for people traveling between the eastern and northern districts of the Taipei metropolitan area.

The station is one of three on the Wenhu line to be chosen as a site for artists to be invited to create public artworks. The artwork is located at the entry lobby of the concourse level, a space which has a huge volume of passenger flow with people passing by and staying around. In order to reflect the specific characteristics of a brave future and the creation of technology in the trade park, the artwork combines glass art with lighting art.

The roof of the platform level adopts a space frame of a huge span and light-catching skylight. Natural light shines into the station interior during sunny days, forming a dialogue of dancing light and shade through the grids of the space frame. The enlarged concourse design at ground level, matching the curtain wall with a high transparency facing the street, combines with the lighting design for the above-mentioned public artwork, which will serve as a kind of presentation for the station design theme. In order to coincide with the design methods for the concourse and platform space, clean and simple portal type public telephone booths not only provide an important function as signage indicating passenger circulation and public telephones, but also play a role in enriching the interest of the space.

The plaza in front of the station is a place for passengers to transfer, to stay, to gather and to pass by. It also corresponds with the form of the station building, and fits its high fashion and high-tech vocabularies. That is why the principles of the plaza design is simplicity, radiance, and spaciousness. Along the side of the station building, a shallow strip pool has been built combining lighting, spring water and falling drops to reflect a different variety of light and shadow during the daytime and nighttime by means of natural and artificial light sources. Furthermore, several long benches have been laid along Nangang Road for passengers to take a rest, to look at the scenery, and to wait for buses. The station shows a different appearance during the daytime and nighttime.




Provided by: Comprehensive Planning Division,
Civil Engineering and Architectural Design Division

Update: 01/19/2011